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Summer time!!!! The summer is awesome get out and launch some rockets!!!

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Just wrote essay for contest. If I win, I’ll have won $650 in winnings for all my contests.

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My Friend’s Petgarbonzo beans and rice.

One of my dearest friends I met in a subway in Istanbul. It happened as the subway lurched to a stop.His rare San Theodoran* Possum suddenly ended up on my lap. This cuddly animal found its self on the receiving end of an iPhone picture I was trying to take of my thumb. I was going to email it to my Guatemalan doctor. He thinks I have a rare case finkles, which is a extremely rare egg yolk yellow fungi. The Possum got caught in my finkles pic, and I bonded with its owner, Eugene, and he brought me back to his apartment with Harriet the Possum. We all had garbonzo beans and rice.

*see TinTin in the Picaros, Red Sea Sharks, Seven Crystal Balls, and BrokenEar


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Mental Darth Sidious Squirrel thingy

This is stewpid

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Just performed with The AYO

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I plan to get out of high school 1 yr. early. (2 at best!) I will travel the world skiing and exploring. Then I will go to college. I cant even list all my career ideas.

Carlos away.

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Want to play the stock market? check out

put in a fake name ,email address and your set to go.

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This is my debut

This is my first blog. I am below 15, and go to school. Read my blog if you like Apple, day trading, Harry Potter, books, tech, and travel.

Wiz away!

By the way, contact maiL. This is maiL and his buds.